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Transforming Pathology Workflows

Deciphex is focussed on the development of applications for clinical and veterinary pathology that improve productivity and help pathologists focus on the critical content.

What Makes us Different?

Workflow Solutions

Focus on workflow and solutions

Not another toolkit vendor

Big Data

Big data approach

Lots of data, lots of insight

Eliminating low value processes

Eliminating low value processes

Allows pathologists to focus on higher value functions

Patholytix Deep Learning Engine

Cloud Enabled Infrastructure
Patholytix is a scalable cloud enabled infrastructure for high throughput training and classification of pathology whole slide images.
Optimised Classification Approaches
Patholytix contains optimised classification approaches for pathology image data.
Compatible with leading platforms
Patholytix is compatible with several industry leading digital pathology platforms.

The Team

Dr. Donal O’Shea
Chief Executive Officer

Donal is an experienced corporate officer in the technology and diagnostics sectors, having business leadership experience from start-up through to large corporate enterprise. He is an innovator with a proven track record in developing products from concept to market.

Donal has founded three companies, Pixalert, Slidepath, and most recently, Accelesys. Slidepath was sold to Genetix Group PLC in 2009. Donal was a member of the Genetix Executive Management Team that sold Genetix to Danaher Corp. After joining Danaher, he worked in various general management roles (Head of Digital Pathology for Leica Microsystems, VP for Clinical Microscopy and Cytogenetics and the VP for Image Analysis and Clinical Systems at Leica Biosystems) and also supported various ongoing M&A projects, being part of the team that successfully acquired and integrated Aperio Technologies in 2012.  Donal also is on the board of a number of exciting lifescience and diagnostics startups including Microsynbiotix and Oncomark.

Donal holds a Degree and Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Dublin City University, where he was also a member of the academic staff in the School of Biotechnology from 1999 to 2009.

Mark Gregson
Chief Technology Officer

Mark is an expert in image analysis, machine learning and pattern recognition. He has over 30 years’ experience developing slide scanning and image analysis products for cytogenetics and pathology. Mark has considerable experience in diagnostic product regulation and intellectual property protection, being an author on several technology patents.

He has held several senior R&D roles in large corporations (Director of R&D Image Analysis and Clinical Solutions for Leica Biosystems, R&D Manager Clinical Imaging for Leica Microsystems, VP Imaging Development for Genetix). Mark is focused on developing integrated solutions that provide tangible improvement to workflow efficiency. Systems developed under his leadership have converted to over $250m in sales worldwide and in many cases were market leaders in their segment.

Mark holds a degree from Newcastle University and a diploma from Teesside University. Following his degree Mark held software development and management positions at Joyce Loebl and Applied Imaging in the fields of industrial and medical imaging.

Mairin Raftery
Chief Operations Officer

Mairin is an experienced senior manager with >15 years experience in academia and biotech. She has considerable experience in operational management, obtaining research funding, managing research programmes and generating IP portfolios.

In 2009, she joined a start up company, OncoMark, as Senior Scientist, and was promoted to COO in 2011. In this role she was responsible for obtaining and managing ~€7M in EU research funding, including €2.75M under an SME Instrument grant. This role also encompassed managing all company activities, including defining business strategy, financial, HR, IP and all other operations. She has also been involved in a successful investor funding round, due diligence activities and EU financial audits. As a postdoctoral researcher she was involved in melanoma cancer research projects, resulting in several publications and research grant funding.  More recently she has also acted as an Expert Reviewer for the EU Commission to evaluate applications for the SME Instrument grants.

Mairin holds a degree and PhD from University College Dublin and an MBA from Trinity College Dublin. Following her PhD she held postdoctoral scientist positions in the Fox Chase Cancer Centre, Philadelphia, and in the Conway Institute, UCD

Why pathology

The pathology industry is beset with increasing caseload and diagnostic complexity, against a globally declining number of pathologists to service the workload.

Digital Pathology, seen as a great potential for productivity enhancement, has not fully delivered on promise. Some ROI studies have, at best, demonstrated marginally positive return on investment with others demonstrating negative impact on cost post implementation.

We believe that digital pathology combined with computer aided diagnostic tools will help make pathologists work more efficiently in the future, and offers a solution to the pending crisis in supply/demand in pathology services.

Deciphex plan to be at the forefront of this revolution with cleverly positioned solutions, that deliver on the biggest problems facing pathology today.


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