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Patholytix Preclinical
20 May 2019

Deciphex Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for its Machine Learning-powered Patholytix Preclinical Digital Pathology Platform

The Patholytix preclinical solution aids improved process efficiency in preclinical toxicology by adopting a unique pattern recognition approach.

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Patholytix Preclinical
15 April 2019

Deciphex Finalise 2.3m Equity Fundraising to Accelerate Commercialisation and Research Programs.

Deciphex an Irish based technology player, applying AI in pathology, has announced the conclusion of a €2.3m equity funding and convertible debt conversion event which will empower the company to accelerate its research and development in Artificial Intelligence and ramp up market entry in preclincial/toxicologic digital pathology.  

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Patholytix Preclinical
10 December 2018

Deciphex Successful in Securing €5.7m Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund Award

Deciphex in conjunction with a number of high profile academic and industry collaborators have secured a significant grant to pursue the use of AI in colorectal cancer diagnostics and treatment.

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Patholytix Preclinical
15 November 2018

Deciphex featured in Irish Times

Bringing pathology into digital era to speed up disease diagnosis. Startup Deciphex uses a mix of artificial intelligence and computer-aided diagnostics
- Irish Times Article - 15th November 2018

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Patholytix Preclinical
8 November 2018

Deciphex Release Patholytix Preclinical

Deciphex are pleased to announce the release of their first commercial digital pathology product. Patholytix Preclinical is the first built for purpose digital pathology solution for preclinical/toxicologic pathology in pharma and clinical research organisations.  

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European Innovation Council Pilot
2 August 2018

Deciphex and GI Partners of Illinois Enter Strategic Alliance to Develop World’s Largest GI Pathology Content Database for Deep Learning.

Deciphex and GI Partners of Illinois, LLC (a large merger of several gastroenterology practices in Illinois) have established a strategic alliance to co-develop the world’s largest database of annotated, gastrointestinal (GI), digital pathology content for deep learning purposes.

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European Innovation Council Pilot
24 May 2018

Deciphex Awarded €2m from EU Fast Track to Innovation Program to Accelerate Development of AI Driven Workflows for Preclinical Pathology.

Deciphex in conjunction with commercial partners, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and PDS, has been awarded €2m from the EU Horizon2020, Fast Track to Innovation program, to accelerate development of artificial-intelligence based workflows for preclinical pathology.

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27 November 2017

Deciphex has filed two provisional patent applications directed to the field of abnormality detection.

Deciphex has established priority filing dates in the US on two inventions we believe will be critical to the future of Deep Learning in Pathology.

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31 October 2017

Pathology AI company, Deciphex closes first funding round, signs two collaboration agreements.

Deciphex is delighted to announce the closing of its first financing with support from key players in the Irish diagnostics industry.

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16 October 2017

Deciphex Selected for the EU SME Instrument Phase 1 Grant.

Deciphex is delighted to announce its successful awarding of an SME Instrument Phase 1 grant from the EU

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